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High School Baseball Coaches Fired After Players Were Served Beer



    The remainder of the baseball season was canceled for Burroughs High School after an assistant coach allegedly served beer to players during a tournament road trip.

    Varsity Coach John Schwer and three assistants were fired after several players were served beer by an assistant coach during a March trip to Arizona, according to school officials.

    The Indians had nine league games remaining.

    Schwer said he found out about the allegations when he was approached by school administrators Friday at practice.

    "I didn't see anything," Schwer said. "I didn't notice any kids drinking, any shenanigans. I don't know what I could have done any different, but now these kids are getting punished for something a coach did wrong -- and he did something wrong, obviously."

    Principal  Emilio Urioste confirmed that 11 players who participated in the drinking were suspended for five days starting Monday. Seven players who were apparently aware of the drinking but failed to report it were given two-day suspensions.

    "I had one kid call and say, 'You're like my second dad,'" said Schwer. "He felt bad he didn't tell me. A 16-year-old shouldn't have to have that burden on his shoulders."

    The allegations were reported to the Burbank Police Department.