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Burglars Hit Hollywood Hills Homes, Make Off With Millions in Jewels

At least 6 homes have been burglarized in the past 2 months



    Police are investigating the robberies of several homes in the Hollywood Hills. (Published Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011)

    Several homes in the Hollywood Hills have been hit by burglars who have nabbed millions of dollars worth of jewels since July, according to police.

    At least six homes along Mulholland Boulevard between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Dona Pegita Drive have been robbed in the past two months. Adrienne Rodgers said her house was hit a couple months ago.
    "Million dollars of jewelry and handbags," said Rodgers. "Prada, Louis Vuitton...everything."

    Rodgers' neighbor was also hit, and again, thieves made off with a bundle of precious gems, said police.
    "They come in through the bedroom. They either break a window or get in somehow and go right for the bedroom safe," said Rodgers.

    Detectives are not saying if they have any leads and it's not known if police have been looking at pawn shops for the stolen jewels.

    But Rodgers wishes things would move faster.

    "I really don't feel better. I feel uptight. Every night I go to bed thinking of my mother and I just want to get the stuff back. I don't care how," she said.

    Officers stress they are working on the case.

    "My biggest fear is not getting my jewelry back...because I was not insured for a penny of it," said Rodgers. "It was millions and millions of dollars."

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