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East Coast Travelers "Wait and See" at LAX

LAX flights to Newark, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. were cancelled Monday.



    East Coast Travelers "Wait and See" at LAX
    Planes on the ground at LAX as flights are canceled to the East Coast amid Hurricane Sandy's arrival.

    As of Monday night, Hurricane Sandy forced the cancellation of nearly 14,000 flights nationwide, including several hundred out of LAX.

    Flights from Los Angeles to Newark, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., were listed as canceled Monday morning.

    "Airlines will be parking their east coast bound aircraft at LAX until weather improves," according to a tweet from LAX Airport's official account.

    Patricia Fribsie tried, unsuccessfully, for days to get back to her young children in New York.

    "We spent almost all weekend on hold with United, and it's been so frustrating with the cancelations and the promises of another flight, and just worried about everybody back home," Frisbee said.

    Travelers whose flights departed from Southern California early Monday faced the possibility that a connecting flight would be cancelled.

    Nikki Maxwell has a 2 year old at home in Richmond, Virginia. If her connecting flight from Houston is cancelled, Plan B involves a long drive.

    "It's pretty frustrating," Maxwell said. "It's either a long drive or a long stay in Houston."

    Linda Cormier had planned to travel form LAX to New Brunswick, Canada.

    "They're telling us we can get to Las Vegas, but after that we'll have to wait and see," Cormier said.

    One flight from Burbank's Bob Hope Airport was cancelled to New York. Flights to New York, Boston and Washington from the Long Beach Airport were also canceled.

    The news comes after airlines hurried to fly passengers and planes out of the northeast Sunday as Hurricane Sandy moved up the coast. As expected, the massive storm brought air travel to a halt in two key regions for both domestic and international flights.

    On Sunday, the airlines moved planes away from the East Coast to avoid damage, and added flights out of Washington, D.C., and New York City area airports.

    Crowds filled the American Airlines terminal midday at New York's LaGuardia, with families sitting on the floor waiting for a flight out -- any flight out.

    A few travelers were sitting at a bar having a beer, watching football. Others nervously paced before flight information boards showing canceled flights, hoping their flight wouldn't be added to that list. It was almost double the normal crowd. Travelers were calm, but anxious.

    JetBlue Airways Corp., which flies out of JFK, said it has canceled more than 1,000 flights from Sunday through Wednesday morning.

    American Airlines and American Eagle canceled 140 flights Sunday and canceled another 1,431 flights Monday through Wednesday due to Hurricane Sandy, the company said.

    US Airways said it had suspended all operations at the three New York airports Sunday evening and Monday, and at Philadelphia and Washington on Monday.

    The disruptions also impact international carriers. Air France has cancelled at least four Monday flights into JFK and two departures.

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