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It Takes a Village to Catch a Terrorist



    It Takes a Village to Catch a Terrorist
    William Bratton

    Now we, the untrained public, can help combat terrorism with the best of 'em.

    That's the goal, at least, of what LAPDChief William Bratton said is "the 21st Century version of Neighborhood Watch."

    LA's new "iWATCH" program is a way for locals to get more involved in the fight against terrorism. "An educated and trained public can feel more in control of their lives," Bratton said.

    Locals are urged to watch out for suspicious behavior and activities linked to terrorism. And report them, of course. There are three ways to make a report: call your local police, dial 877-A THREAT, or use this handy online form.

    What to look out for? Here are some examples:

    - Anyone drawing or measuring important buildings.
    - Strangers and asking questions about blueprints and security plans
    - Briefcases, suitcases, backpacks or any packages left behind
    - Watch out for people purchasing supplies or equipment that could be used to make bombs..

    And here are some places that terrorist might target:

    - Government buildings
    - Religious facilities
    - Amusement parks
    - Sports/Entertainment venues
    - High-rise buildings
    - Mass-fathering locations, like parades, & fairs
    - Schools
    - Hotels
    - Theaters
    - Shopping Malls
    - Bridges
    - Public Transportation

    In other words, just about everywhere.

    Dust off your sleuthing gear, peacekeepers.