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Jiffy Lube and EZ Lube Statements



    EZ Lube Statement - 11/18/08

    EZ Lube management holds their employees to very strict standards in the delivery of recommendations and execution of these services. Estimates are given prior to any work being performed and it is required that customers be informed about what the recommendation is based upon; whether it is a manufacturer's recommendation or an EZ Lube recommendation. Any employee who does not hold to these standards is disciplined up to and including termination.

    Recent actions taken by a few of our employees are being reviewed and any employee that is found to not meet our standards and policies will be terminated.

    We require our employees to use those maintenance schedules that are provided by the manufacturer of a car or truck. When there is no manufacturer recommendation, EZ Lube uses industry accepted maintenance intervals -- not unlike many auto dealers.

    If EZ Lube were to receive notification that a manufacturer specifically recommends against a particular service because it would harm the vehicle, we would no longer perform the service and reprogram our computer system to reflect that change.

    EZ Lube is constantly reviewing and improving its education and training in all areas that support great customer service. We will continue to put the necessary resources where they can significantly improve the customer's experience.

    At any point if our customers have any dissatisfaction with any product or service they receive from EZ Lube, they should call our Director of Compliance, Maurice Flores at 1-888-845-7553.

    Our 1200 employees stand ready to give our customers the best experience possible and help them care for their car in a responsible, safe and reliable way.

    EZ Lube’s Statement to NBCLos Angeles on 11/11/08:

    It is against company policy to misrepresent an EZ Lube service recommendation as a manufacturer recommendation when in fact, it is not.  EZ Lube works very hard as an organization to make sure that all employees comply with company policies and with all state regulations.  EZ Lube employees who violate the policies are immediately terminated.  

    Jiffy Lube’s Statement to NBC Los Angeles on 11/7/08:

    Jiffy Lube International (JLI) and its Franchisees care about our customers and about delivering operational excellence. When we fall short we work to address the issue.

    We are very interested in reviewing the video of your visits to Jiffy Lube service centers in the Los Angeles area so we can provide a written explanation for issues you have reported. We will pay for duplication and shipping of the video or we can use an online method for you to provide it to us. I trust you will understand it is impossible for JLI to provide a clear and thorough response without seeing the actual footage.

    In the absence of the video and working with the limited level of detail you have provided, we have conducted an internal review regarding how after-market services are offered at the service centers and recognize there is room for improvement.

    We understand some customer service technicians (CSA) might have told customers that the manufacturers of their cars recommend a certain service, when, in fact, the recommendation is from the aftermarket vehicle-service industry. We agree this is not acceptable and intend to take the necessary steps to minimize the chance of it occurring again.

    We have found the computer system that guides CSAs as they service customer vehicles might be the source of the less than clear service recommendations. We are making the necessary revisions to the software and improving the training materials to correct this situation.

    Furthermore, Franchisees have had the ability to modify the recommendations screen on the computer, which has caused confusion. To prevent confusion in the future, JLI will modify the software to restrict the messages regarding service recommendations provided to Jiffy Lube customers.

    Jiffy Lubes services 26 million vehicles a year and a small fraction of 1 percent of our customers complain about our service. We want to hear from all of our dissatisfied customers, and we address each complaint. As for fuel system cleaning, we received 79 complaints from around the nation in the last year.

    All customers who believe a Jiffy Lube service has damaged their vehicle or who feel they have not received the service identified in the Jiffy Lube Pledge should call our 800-number, which is printed on their receipts, and report it. We will investigate and address all complaints.

    Jiffy Lube’s Statement to NBC Los Angeles on 10/31/08:

    Jiffy Lube values its relationship with every customer.  We offer services based both on the vehicle manufacturer and on automotive aftermarket industry recommendations.  The aftermarket services go beyond OEM recommendations and are supported services designed to be part of a vehicle’s ongoing preventive maintenance routine. 

    Such aftermarket services, for example fuel system cleaning, are common across the industry and are supported through research conducted by reputable associations such as the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and trade associations including Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association (AMRA), Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) and Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA).  Additionally, many of the same aftermarket services we provide are also offered at OEMs’ dealer networks. I’m attaching an SAE paper regarding fuel system cleaning for your information.

    As you may appreciate, the issue of OEM recommendations versus automotive aftermarket industry recommendations has been a long debate that has led to confusion among car owners.  I would strongly recommend you take this issue into account for the benefit of all your viewers.

    Joel, we take seriously any allegations that Jiffy Lube personnel might be selling customers products or services that they do not need or that might damage their vehicles.  We urge any customer who is dissatisfied with the service they received at Jiffy Lube - or who feels they were recommended an inappropriate service - to contact us promptly.  As you know, our toll-free customer-service number - 800-344-6933 - is prominently posted in every Jiffy Lube store and is on the back of every Jiffy Lube receipt.