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Looking back at the Los Angeles Riots of 1992

LA Riots 20th Anniversary Special

This 20th anniversary special was broadcast April 29, 2012



    LA Riots 20th Anniversary Special
    LAPD: How it is changed over the years since the 1992 L.A. riots

    The following reports were broadcast April 29, 2012 as part of NBC4's special, "LA Riots: 20 Years Later."

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    What Fueled the Riots

    Patrick Healy reports at Parker Center about what fueled the LA riots in 1992. Then, Colleen Williams speaks with Rodney King about the night he was beaten and events that led to the riots.

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    "The Right Thing to Do:" Good Samaritans Help Reginald Denny

    Titus Murphy was one of the four good Samaritans who ran to aid Reginald Denny at the outbreak of the riots at Florence and Normandie. Then, a look at how First AME remembered the riots.

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    Economics of the Riots: Rebuilding Neighborhoods

    Promises of rebuilding LA neighborhoods were only partly fulfilled. Conan Nolan talks to Peter Ueberroth, the man in charge of the mission.

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    The LAPD, Then and Now

    Toni Guinyard reports from the SAIGU Memorial Service at the Glory Church of Jesus Christ. Then, Robert Kovacik reports on how the riots have shaped the LAPD today.

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    In the Middle of the Violence: Photographer Bart Bartholomew

    Photographer Bart Bartholomew was just a few blocks away from Florence and Normandie when the riots broke out in 1992. Rioters surrounded him and jumped on his car, but he managed to escape the increasingly violent scene.

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    Riots Baby: Jessica and Elvira Evers

    Elvira Evers was 38 weeks pregnant when she was shot in the abdomen during the 1992 riots. The bullet was lodged into her baby's elbow, but she and her baby Jessica survived.

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    Greg Williams and the Post-Riot Generation

    Twenty years ago Patrick Healy interviewed actor Greg Williams, who raced to Florence and Normandie to help a beaten man. He picks up the story with the actor and the man he saved. Then, Mekahlo Medina reports on three locals who grew up in the aftermath of the riots.

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    Henry Watson: One of the LA 4 on the Reginald Denny Beating

    Henry Watson was one of the LA 4 who beat Reginald Denny at the outbreak of the LA Riots. Toni Guinyard speaks with Watson about how the experience changed his life.

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