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Police Crack Down on School Zone Violators

Speeders cited, warned to respect crossing guards



    Police Crack Down on School Zone Violators
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    Crossing guards rule in school zones.

    LAPD traffic officers enforced that message Monday in front of Winnetka Elementary School in the San Fernando Valley.

    Officers were out in force at the corner of Winnetka Avenue and Lanark Street from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. as part of a crossing guard enforcement operation. During that period, officers handed out 34 citations, said Sgt. Arturo Gomez, of the LAPD Valley Traffic Division.

    Most of the violators failed to yield to the crossing guard or exceeded the 25 mph speed limit in a school zone. One driver's car was impounded due to a suspended license, Gomez said.

    Winnetka Elementary is located in a high-volume traffic area. Traffic officers usually issue between 50-100 citation a day, most for speeding and illegal turns.

    Monday's traffic crackdown was aimed at keeping children safe as they walk, bike or skateboard to school.

    "We're not going to tolerate disrespect toward crossing guards. Not following them puts children in harm's way," said Sgt. Gomez.