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Less Waiting at DMV Due to New Self-Serve Kiosk



    The Department of Motor Vehicles is trying to reduce your wait in line to get serviced.

    It's introducing new self-service kiosks that help you, help yourself with registration renewal without the need to wait for a DMV worker.

    "Our Internet registration renewal option is very popular and used by more than 15,000 people daily. These machines bring that same connectivity to customers who do not have access to the Internet, need registration immediately, or need to use cash," DMV Director George Valverde said on the department's website.

    Customers can use the kiosk to renew their registration if their car insurance is current and if they don’t have any tickets. If they meet those two requirements, they will leave holding their brand new registration and sticker without an appointment and without having to wait in line.

    The registration renewal self-service kiosks are available at several DMV locations throughout Southern California. For more information and to find a kiosk near you click here.