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Letter from the Northridge Girl’s Family to Members of the Media



    The following statement was released by family members on Thursday, April 25, 2013:

    "Our family thanks the LAPD, SDPD, FBI and the Mexican authorities for their work in finding and apprehending Tobias Summers. Throughout this ordeal, they've been working around the clock hunting this man – not only for justice for our daughter, but to make sure he's unable to hurt anyone again.

    "Since the onset of this ordeal, the LAPD and the FBI have been spectacular with us and our daughter. We can't begin to describe how their compassion and professionalism got us through that first day. There were so many officers and agents and so few names we thought to record that to name any in particular would be an injustice to the rest.

    "We would also like to thank the police officers who first found our daughter, the paramedics who responded and staff at West Hills Hospital. You all helped my daughter feel safe and secure when she needed it the most.

    "Lastly, as a family we would also like to thank everyone – family, friends, members of our church and strangers who have offered prayers, good wishes and thoughts. We're humbled by the outpouring of affection and concern for our daughter. It's not only helped us get through the last few weeks, but our daughter as well.

    "In closing, we request that you respect our desire for privacy and understand that it's for our daughter."

    -The Northridge Girl's Family