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Lockdown Kits Used in L.A. Classrooms Following Shootings

Students had buckets, toilet paper, batteries and duct tape at their disposal



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    Jan. 18, 2011: A police officer is pictured on the campus of Gardena High School after two students were shot.

    As if being confined to their classrooms wasn't bad enough, students waiting to be released from schools throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District also had to worry about keeping their bodily fluids on lockdown. To tackle this sticky situation, some classrooms had a more humbling version of the first-aid kit on hand.

    The buckets that teachers and students employed as makeshift bathrooms in the wake of the shootings at Gardena High School and near El Camino Real High School were actually part of the lockdown kits supposed to be stocked in every LAUSD classroom, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    For the low, low price of about $75, in addition to the 5-gallon bucket, its removable lid and enduring memories, the kits (pictured here) come equipped with toilet paper, tissues, an emergency toilet seat, Band-Aids, batteries, disposable gloves, polyethylene bags, an industrial flashlight, emergency blanket and duct tape ... naturally.

    Some students, however, said they resorted to water bottles and trashcans instead, or were entirely restricted from using the bathroom. For privacy, the ever-resourceful students used poster board.