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Looking back at the Los Angeles Riots of 1992

Los Angeles 1992 Riots: By the Numbers

Tellings the story of the LA riots through numbers and statistics



    Los Angeles 1992 Riots: By the Numbers
    Rodney King, right, makes his first statement, pleading for an end to the rioting in South Central Los Angeles, May 1, 1992, in Los Angeles. At left is King's attorney Steven Lerman. On April 29, 1992, four white police officers were declared innocent in the beating of black motorist Rodney King, and Los Angeles erupted in the deadliest riots of the century. Three days later, 55 people were dead and more than 2,000 injured. Fires and looting had destroyed $1 billion worth of property. (AP Photo/David Longstreath)

    Length of George Holliday video of Rodney King beating: 9 minutes, 22 seconds

    Number of Los Angeles Police Department sworn officers on trial: 4

    Number of African-Americans on Simi Valley jury: 0

    Days of jury deliberation: 7

    Number of police officers acquitted: 4

    Minutes between verdict announcement and crowd of 300 gathering outside courthouse: 30

    Days of rioting: 6

    Number of California National Guard soldiers deployed: more than 10,000

    Number of U.S. soldiers and Marines deployed: more than 3,500

    Number of Deaths: at least 53

    Number of Injuries: 2,383

    Number of riot-related crimes reported: more than 16,000

    Number of arrests: 12,111

    Number of fires: 7,000

    Estimated value of property damage: $1 billion

    Number of LAPD officers indicted by a federal grand jury for civil rights violations: 4

    Number of convictions in federal civil rights trial: 2

    Number of acquittals in federal trial: 2

    Months served in federal correctional camp by two convicted officers: 30

    Amount awarded Rodney King in civil suit against the city of Los Angeles $3.8 million

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