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Riverside Pot Shop Thriving On Edge of Undecided Law



    Riverside Pot Shop Thriving On Edge of Undecided Law
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    While Los Angeles dispensaries have become the target of local and federal crack downs, one medical marijuana shop in Riverside says its business is booming.

    During a lunch hour, a non-stop stream of people could be seen going in and out of the Platinum Collective in a 20-minute period. One customer claims it’s the only way he's been able to manage digestive problems.

    “I don't drink. I don't smoke, well I do now,” said Jayson Meyers. “But that's because it helps my vomiting and it helps me get through each day.”

    And while business is booming at the one store, there are still significant legal questions.

    Officials in Riverside city and county say selling marijuana is not legal and disagree with a recent court ruling that halted raids on dispensaries, partly because 56 percent of California voters approved medical marijuana in 1996.

    Some governments say they never expected it would leave the store fronts locally, especially since marijuana is not legal under federal law.

    “The legislative allowances for medical marijuana versus operations that are just selling as store fronts and the country’s position is, they do not comply with state laws,” said Riverside County spokesman Ray Smith.

    Riverside County is appealing at least one ruling allowing for a ban on medical marijuana. In the meantime, it has left the door open for businesses that did not shut down out of fear.

    “You might as well get it where we can get tax out of it, help the economy and help patients,” said Meyers.

    For now, in Riverside County medicinal marijuana is a business, operating on the edge of an undecided law.