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Update: Crews Repair the NBCLA Pothole

We adopted it, and a day later it was fixed



    It's rough going through the streets of LA these days, and Operation Pothole 2011 is coming to the rescue.

    City crews will fan out en masse starting this weekend to fill the potholes, armed with information from people who know where the potholes are -- namely, you and me.

    The road damage from our recent storms have created the worst potholes we've seen in a decade, according to city leaders who kicked off the pothole campaign at a photo-op near potholes in North Hollywood last week.

    City Council President Eric Garcetti says Bureau of Street Services crews can usually repair potholes within 24 hours after they're reported, and urged people to call 3-1-1 with the hole's location.

    Meet the NBCLA Pothole

    [LA] Meet the NBCLA Pothole
    We checked, and a day after we called it was fixed.
    (Published Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011)

    Well, we took the city up on its offer, and called 3-1-1 to report our NBCLA-adopted pothole.  

    3-1-1 was pretty quick to answer (after a brief recorded message from Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa,) but then we were put on hold for almost 10 minutes before a Street Services operator came on the line, asked for specific information about the pothole's location, and took down our name and number. When we asked her how long it was taking for the potholes to be filled, she said, "Oh, I don't know, but we're getting a ton of calls right now."

    If the number of potholes on the streets is any indication, we can only imagine the phone banks are swamped. They say they hope to fill 10,000 potholes. We hope our NBCLA pothole is one of them.

    [UPDATE] 12:30 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 6: We checked, and crews have fixed the pothole.