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The trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician

Michael Jackson Fan Apologizes for Posting Photo During Trial

A judge follows up on a few courtroom issues encountered during the trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician



    Young woman facing a contempt charge apologizes to the judge for violating court rules. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011)

    A Michael Jackson fan apologized to a judge Tuesday for taking a photo in the hallway outside the courtroom during the trial of the pop superstar's personal physician and posting the image to Facebook.

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    That was enough for Judge Michael Pastor, who told the 43-year-old mother of four there would be no further proceedings against her.

    "I took a picture that I shouldn't have taken,'' Amy Kimes said. "I'm mortified that I did something really not like me."

    Photography is not allowed in the hallway.

    Kimes, who attended almost every day of the trial, posted the photo to the Justice 4  MJ page on Facebook. She initially told the judge she did not take the picture, but admitted Tuesday that she lied, then apologized to Pastor.

    "He's very fair," Kimes said of the judge. "I knew he would understand."

    The judge also wanted to hear from a member of Dr. Conrad Murray's defense team Tuesday, but attorney Matt Alford failed to show up for the hearing. Alford conducted an interview outside the courtroom during the trial, which prompted Pastor to warn attorneys against such interviews.

    Alford's secretary left a message for the court that he was at a trial in Houston. His hearing was rescheduled to Nov. 29 -- the same day Murray is expected to be sentenced for his Nov. 7 involuntary manslaughter conviction in the death of Jackson.

    Alford commented about the case to Ann Curry of the "Today" show during the trial.

    A defense witness also is scheduled to appear before the judge regarding his actions during the trial. Drug expert Dr. Paul White is scheduled to go before the judge Wednesday for a possible contempt hearing.

    White found himself in trouble for comments to a reporter Oct. 21 about the prosecution's drug expert. Dr. Steven Shafer was on the stand at the time White allegedly said, "What a scumbag." E! Entertainment's online report was brought to the attention of Pastor, who confronted White after excusing the jury for afternoon recess.

    White acknowledged he made a comment to the deputy district attorney during court proceedings. 

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