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Naked Girl Found in Temecula, Mom Charged

The mom, a teacher's aide, went to work and left her naked daughter in a car near the school



    Naked Girl Found in Temecula, Mom Charged
    Getty Images / Marco Di Lauro
    Police tape.

    A teacher’s aide from Temecula faces child endangerment charges after her 12-year-old daughter was found naked and rummaging through trash cans for food this week.

    The incident happened on Thursday in the 29000 block of Avenita De Calazada. Police got a 911 call from someone who saw a naked girl walking through the neighborhood and eating food out of trash cans.

    When police arrived, they found the girl, who was wearing no clothes, inside a BMW.

    Police said the girl’s mother, identified as Tracy Betts, works as a teacher's assistant at Vail Elementary School, which was within walking distance from where her daughter was found.

    Betts had apparently left her daughter in the vehicle naked so she wouldn't get out of the car while her mom was at work, officials said.

    Betts was booked into jail and later released on $15,000 bond. Her daughter was taken into protective custody.

    Dominique Prado told the Riverside Press-Enterprise that she and her husband saw the girl and called police.