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Neo-Nazis Met with Counter Protests

Group plans to party after march and rally; police from throughout the San Gabriel Valley are standing by.



    Neo-Nazis Met with Counter Protests
    Neo-nazis marching in Claremont earlier this year.

    A neo-Nazi group said it will bring "white nationalists, citizen groups and supporters" to a march and rally in Pomona Saturday, the group's website said.

    About 200 people showed up to the rally, but there were more protesters against the neo-Nazis than there were in support of them.

    "Of course we are against Nazis and racism," said Yasmin Balzazar, Pomona resident.

    We "are coming to show support against any hate group, in a peaceful way," she added.

    Police on horseback patrolled the area and a SWAT team was seen monitoring the demonstration, which garnered about 30 neo-Nazis.

    The organization, which calls itself the National Socialist Movement after Adolph Hitler's National Socialist Party, "will tell white Californians that they will not be abandoned," the group said in a video on its site.

    It displays a video that shows signs in Spanish, and says, "Some California towns have been abandoning their white residents in favor of everyone else."

    The group said the rally was part of its campaign to "reclaim the Southwest," and that Pomona was chosen because it had become a "sanctuary for illegal aliens."

    "Pomona is a unique gathering place of continuing tension between ethnic minorities, such as Hispanics and Blacks," the group wrote on its website.

    Ironically, perhaps, the group's website proclaims "God Bless America," and "United We Will Prevail," while displaying a Nazi swastika next to an American flag.

    It's the same group that staged a rally in Claremont earlier this year.