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No Explosives Found After Chaffey College Lockdown

A student reported another person who possibly had a bomb near the campus



    No Explosives Found After Chaffey College Lockdown
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    An hours-long lockdown at Chaffey College ended late Thursday when police failed to find any explosives that had been earlier reported, investigators said.

    Student Johnathan Nicks described the man he claims he saw acting suspiciously at a bus stop on the campus of Chaffey Community College.

    "He was wearing anti-government apparel - vest patches on them, boots, he said. "We all get those feelings something's not right at this moment of time."

    Nicks said he then saw the backpack the man was holding and immediately thought there could be a bomb inside.

    "I seen the wiring, the different colors and as I made contact with the individual he grabbed his backpack... and he ran,” Nicks said.

    Nicks said he ran to a classroom and told a teacher, who then called law enforcement. Within minutes school police placed all buildings on lockdown, keeping all students indoors.

    "I was in my class and they just came in and said there was a bomb threat,” said student Jennifer Sedano.

    But despite the lockdown, some students remained skeptical of the threat.

    "You hear about this kind of stuff on the news all the time ,so I figured that's why we're so desensitized to it because there's constant bomb threats and school shootings, said Daniel De Guzman.

    Thats exactly why law enforcement officers searched the campus with high powered rifles, officials said.

    They closed off all of the driveways leading in and out of the school, checking each vehicle that left campus.

    Nicks was glad extreme safety measures were taken because he believes the man he saw could be a threat of some kind.

    "We have to be careful, we have to be aware of our surroundings," he said.

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