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November Ceremony: A Walk of Fame Star for Janis Joplin

A posthumous star will be placed before the Musician's Institute.



    If you've lived in Southern California for a good long while, you might have grown overly accostomed to the regular stream of movie, television, and recording artists posing with their Walk of Fame stars along Hollywood Boulevard.

    It's a regular sight, is what we're saying. So regular that it can be easy to assume that just about every luminary that's ever created a song or a role has gotten their space on one of the planet's most famous sidewalks.

    But the Tinseltown tradition has had a few famous omissions over the years, skip-overs or never-happeneds that occurred for a host of reasons.

    One of the most famous? Janis Joplin, a gifted iconclast much associated with the town, the music scene, and the Los Angeles of the late '60s. The 43rd anniversary of the singer-songwriter's death passed earlier this month, and while such an event would normally draw fans to a legend's star, there was no Walk of Fame star for Ms. Joplin.

    But that is soon to change. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has announced that the singer's star ceremony is set for Monday, Nov. 4. And the place where Ms. Joplin's posthumous star will reside, night and day, for the length of the boulevard's lifespan? In a perfectly perfect spot: In front of the Musician's Institute.

    The songstress behind "Piece of My Heart" and "Me and Bobby McGee" is not the first legend to be awarded the posthumous honor: Barry White received a star in September of this year. Other recipients have included Peter Falk and Richard Burton.

    Janis Joplin's star was announced in 2012; details regarding the Nov. 4 ceremony are to come.

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