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OJ Simpson Getting Another Parole Hearing in July

The former USC and NFL star was sentenced for prison for a 2007 Las Vegas hotel room holdup that targeted sports memorabilia dealers



    OJ Simpson Getting Another Parole Hearing in July
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    O.J. Simpson

    OJ Simpson is getting another chance at parole in July, according to documents from the Nevada Department of Corrections.

    The actual parole hearing date in connection with his 2008 conviction for armed robbery in Nevada will not be set until mid-June.

    Simpson's jail record lists him as inmate No. 1027820 at Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Center. It indicates no prior felonies and describes Simpson as a 69-year-old male, black, 6-foot-2 and 235 pounds with a medium build.

    But this inmate's rap sheet is only a small part of his story. For that, start with the alias listed on his jail record: Juice.

    O.J. Simpson has spent nearly nine years at Lovelock, a medium-level correctional facility about 450 miles north of Las Vegas, where the former NFL and USC great participated in a strong-arm hotel heist that landed him in prison 14 years after he was acquitted of murder in the deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

    He was found liable for their killings in a 1997 civil case.

    Simpson was convicted in 2008 after the botched attempt to retrieve sports memorabilia at The Palace Station Casino hotel off The Strip. A 33-year prison sentence for the heist was handed down 13 years to the day he was acquitted in the Brown and Goldman slayings.

    Simpson was denied parole in July 2013 and 2014.

    Hearings in Nevada are usually conducted between the parole panel and inmate via video conference. Inmates can choose to speak at the hearing or have a representative speak for them.

    The hearings are typically held three months before the parole eligibility date. Simpson's parole eligibility date is listed as October 2017 on the department's Parole Eligibility Report.

    Results are made public on the 14th day of the month following the hearing.

    The board's options include granting release on parole, denying parole and considering parole at a later date, according to Thomas Patton, former chair of the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners. They also could deny parole and require Simpson to serve out his sentence.

    During the 2013 hearing, he was granted parole on some of the charges stemming from the Las Vegas hotel holdup. Simpson has expressed regret and told panel members that he's tried to be a model inmate. 

    As for the memorabilia, a judge ordered in 2009 that several items be returned to Simpson. Other items were given to an attorney for the Goldman estate for auction.