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One Movie, 450+ Movie Clips

"Final Cut -- Ladies And Gentlemen" tells a whole tale from iconic film clips.



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    Final Cut -- Ladies And Gentleman
    "Final Cut -- Ladies And Gentleman" is a movie featuring 450+ clips from other movies. It's screening at Cinefamily at Silent Movie Theatre on select nights from Friday, Oct. 4 through Thursday, Oct. 10.

    You may think you're an ultimate film fan, and that you spend an impressive chunk of your time watching movies, nay, studying them, soaking them in, breathing them, but ponder this: Could you create an entire feature that employs over 450 clips from other movies? And have it form a story arc that makes sense?

    Perhaps none of us, even the most dedicated cinephiles, has that astounding ability up our popcorn butter-stained sleeves. But György Pálfi has done just that.

    The Hungarian filmmaker created "Final Cut -- Ladies And Gentleman," an 84-minute film told through clips from over 450 other films. Set to screening at The Cinefamily's Silent Movie headquarters on Fairfax, "Final Cut" is "the culmination of three years' worth of editing."


    Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Chan are just two of the actors you'll see cameo in the nearly hour-and-a-half flick, a work that roams the decades of filmdom, alighting on every time and a host of genres. And, yes yes, there is a story to be found within the clips, a "single flowing arc," per Cinefamily.

    Hmm. This sounds like this concept could inspire a screenwriter. Has the movie industry been telling a single story all along, via hundreds of films, and we didn't even know it? 

    Scribes, get typing.

    The movie will run on select nights from Friday, Oct. 4 through Thursday, Oct. 10.

    Would this not be an interesting double feature with "The Clock"? Of course that film, which periodically screens at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, does run 24 hours. But artist Christian Marclay's film is indeed a kindred spirit to "Final Cut -- Ladies And Gentlemen" in that it uses hundreds of clocks and watches to tell the current time from hundreds of different films.

    A ticket is $12.

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