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Possible Twins Find Each Other Via YouTube

LA actor Samantha Futerman and Anaïs Bordier of London meet online



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    Are they twins? LA actor Samantha Futerman and Anaïs Bordier of London are raising funds to meet, document their journey, and get their DNA tested.

    When you're an actor living in Los Angeles, you have to take certain steps to raise your profile. Lots of auditions are part of the game, taking a few background roles, and uploading some comedic or zany videos to YouTube in hopes that the right person sees them.

    And for one LA actor, it looks like that right person definitely did.

    When local thespian Samantha Futerman recently participated in a short online video, she couldn't have known that a woman living across the globe would drop her a line out of the blue and ask if they're twins.

    Anaïs Bordier is French and lives in London. A friend of Ms. Bordier's saw a video starring Ms. Futerman and told her they could be twins. Some online-type looking around followed, and Ms. Bordier discovered that she and Ms. Futerman have the exact same birthday -- November 19, 1987 -- and were born in Seoul.

    Adopted by different families in different countries, they went onto different lives, only to be reunited by a rather unlikely matchmaker called YouTube.

    Now the women are Kickstarting an effort to meet up, get their DNA tested, and film the process. Their initial videos and updates, which can be found on both Ms. Futerman's YouTube page and the pair's Kickstarter page as well, are charming and hopeful.

    It just may be a Hollywood ending, if a surprising one, for an actor who had no idea who would ultimately see the funny video in which she had a cameo. Sometimes, it turns out, it isn't an agent or producer who calls, but instead a prospective twin sister.

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