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Power Struggle Over Solar Panel Project

Some residents in Montecito Heights are charged over a huge solar panel project going up in their neighborhood.



    Power Struggle Over Solar Panel Project

    Some residents in Montecito Heights along with Los Angeles CityCouncilman Ed Reyes are charged over the  Broadview Christian Science Nursing Facility's solar panel project that's being erected on a hillside.

    If you drive northbound on the 110 freeway from Downtown Los Angeles, you can't miss the dotted hillside on Griffin Avenue where more than one thousand solar panels will soon stand.

    The solar panels, measuring 3-feet by five-feet, will be mounted on poles on a parcel of hillside land about the size of a football field.

    When completed, the solar array will provide 93-percent of the electrical needs for the nursing facility, according to the facilities executive director Michael Fisher.

    The nursing facility is going green in an effort to conserve energy and save money.

    But, many of its neighbors are turning blue over the prospect of having a hillside full of shiny, metallic solar panels.

    "I have a really beautiful view of the hills over here, it's kind of a blight on the hill top there, " Lisa Ingalls told the Channel Four News.

    However, just because some people believe the project is an eyesore doesn't mean it will go away.

    State law specifically prohibits barring solar panel projects for aesthetic reasons.

    Los Angeles City Councilman Ed Reyes, who also objects to the project, would like to see the solar panels shelved due to safety issues. Councilman Reyes is asking the city council to put a stop to the project.

    "Where its being placed, it's alongside a corridor where you have essentially a history of fires, issues of access for the fire department is significant, we have a freeway so when you have a glare, what's the impact on drivers going through the freeway," said Reyes.

    The Los Angeles City Council will address the issued Wednesday.