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Occupy LA Protester Gets Eviction Reprieve

Woman joins Occupy LA protests to help others, she says



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    Rose Gudiel

    A woman who was about to lose her home announced Thursday she had just received a reprieve from the mortgage giant, Fannie Mae, and One West Bank.

    Rose Gudiel, 34, who is a state worker, protested Wednesday outside Fannie Mae offices in Pasadena and joined the Occupy LA protest in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday.

    But overnight, the bank had notified her it was ending the eviction process that would have put her out of the La Puente home she shares with her disabled mother and other family members.

    She explained she fell behind in her house payments when the state decided to reduce the hours of workers to save money.

    Then, her brother who had been helping her with her house payments was murdered.

    For two years, she said she sought a loan modification but had been rejected until Thursday.

    So why was she still taking part in the protests?

    "The fight is not just mine. This fight is all these people that are herein one way or another. They are being affected by what the banks are doing," she said.

    She added she felt downtown at the protest was where she needed to be.

    "But again, it's a cause. We need to do something. The banks need to start hearing and the people need to start reacting to the bad practices of the banks," she said.