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Rent Out Your Car, Park for Free at LAX

Hubber will wash your car, fill up the tank and rent it to another traveler for about $45 per day.



    Rent Out Your Car, Park for Free at LAX

    The next time you fly out of LAX, instead of paying $20 or $30 a day to leave your car sitting in a parking lot, you could earn $10  to $20 a day by renting your car to someone else while you’re on vacation.

    “Your alternatives are a taxi -- that costs money; parking -- that costs money; or have your wife take you to the airport -- that has its own costs,” said Jim Meyer, co-founder of the latest car-sharing service called Hubber.
    Starting May 28, travelers can drop off their car at a parking lot near LAX and take a shuttle to catch their plane. Hubber will wash the car, fill up the tank and rent it to another traveler for about $45 per day. The owner gets a least $10 a day depending on the car.
    Hubber accepts all liability, but some travelers we spoke with say the new venture isn’t for everyone.
    A few travelers said they wouldn't want the extra mileage on their car. And what if it breaks down?
    “People don’t treat your car the way they treat their own car,” one traveler said.
    Hubber joins a growing new industry of car sharing services like Zip Car, which lets drivers rent cars by the hour for as low as $8. They’re popular on college campuses, like USC, and with families who don’t want the expense of a second car.
    “You just hold it and wait for the beep and you will be able to access the car,” said Jeff Shield, general manager for Zip Car.
    With his company, drivers pay $60 for an annual subscription card and go online to find a car in their area. There are 225 cars parked in lots all around Los Angeles and Orange counties.
    Shields said even in LA, a city obsessed with cars, this new concept is gaining traction.
    “It’s the idea of the community embracing the sharing of one car. One Zip Car removes the need for 15 to 20 owned cars so a lot of environmental impact as well,” Shields said.
    Zip Car is so popular, the company was just bought by Avis rental company for $500 million and you can get Zip Cars at LAX.

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