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Drivers of '90s Model Honda Sedans Targeted by Car Thieves



    Drivers of '90s Model Honda Sedans Targeted by Car Thieves
    A Riverside Police Department official walks away from a stolen Honda sedan, which was found thanks in part to a tracking system installed by the car's owner and the department's effort to stop car theft.

    Authorities in Riverside are warning drivers of car thieves who are targeting a specific kind of car, known for being easy to break into.

    Marie Hall, who did not want to appear on camera, said she cried Wednesday morning when she noticed her Honda sedan was missing from outside her sister’s Eastvale home.

    "I was just devastated," she said.

    Marie is struggling financially, but she did invest in Lojack, an auto theft recovery system that lets authorities track a stolen vehicle. Her mother insisted she have it installed.

    The Lojack’s silent signal led Riverside police to a home in the 10000 block of Arlington Avenue, where investigators found Marie’s car, and another stolen car.

    Alex Anthony Arzate, 24, and Eriq Jordan Elevario, 22, were arrested on suspicion of grand theft auto, Riverside Detective Marc Dehdashtian said.

    NBC4 was there when authorities approached the men and asked them why they were driving the stolen car. They said the sedan was not stolen and they were driving it to turn in recycled cans.

    Investigators said both vehicles found at the home are Honda sedans. During the past few months, detectives have noticed an influx in stolen Hondas, specifically Civics and Accords, all of them models from the late ‘90s.

    Near where the stolen cars were found, detectives discovered three chop shops as part of a concerted effort to crackdown on this specific type of car theft.

    Detectives said older Honda sedans are targeted because they’re easy to break into.

    Marie said she wasn’t aware her car could be a potential target for thieves, adding that she’s relieved to have installed Lojack and glad police responded so quickly.

    "They did a great job and I am eternally grateful to them," she said.