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94-Year-Old Tied to Rocking Chair, Robbed

It was the second home invastion in San Bernardino in several weeks



    Lieutenant Rich Lawhead with the San Bernardino Police Department says the 94-year-old victim of a home invasion gave police a "pretty good description" of the man suspected of tying her to a rocking chair and ransacking her home. Now, police are trying to bring her back to San Bernardino to identify the suspect. Jacob Rascon reports for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on April 23, 2012. (Published Monday, April 23, 2012)

    Police are trying to get a 94-year-old woman back to San Bernardino to see if she can identify the suspect who tied her to a rocking chair during a home invasion.

    “She gave us a pretty good description of the suspect: white, male, approximately six foot four between 180 and 220 pounds with black jacket and black pants,” said Lieutenant Rich Lawhead, of the San Bernardino Police Department.

    Police have arrested several suspects that match that description.

    It was the second home invasion in several weeks in San Bernardino in which an elderly woman has been tied up while her home is robbed, but police said the two are not related.

    “He climbed up on the balcony and broke in through a window,” said Chelsea Cheatham, the victim’s neighbor.

    A man broke in through the second floor and tied up the 94–year-old woman to a rocking chair using electrical tape, police said. He took jewelry and other small items and walked out through the front door.

    “The neighborhood has really gotten bad, but I have dogs. That seems to help,” said Karol Voodre, the victim’s neighbor.

    The elderly woman was able to untie herself and shortly after the home invasion, police said. Since then, her son from Arizona took her to live with him.

    In March, two sisters and their 87-year-old mother were bound with tape by a masked gunman  during a home-invasion robbery at their San Bernardino home.

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