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San Clemente Faces More Power Woes

Residents plagued by continual blackouts



    San Clemente residents have faced blackouts every since that massive power outage last Thursday. (Published Monday, Sept. 12, 2011)

    Power outages continue to plague San Clemente ever since that massive blackout last Thursday.

    According to San Diego Gas and Electric, the lights went out in 228 San Clemente homes about 9 a.m. Sunday morning.

    The problem was traced to a high-voltage box, but because water had leaked inside, it took until 3 a.m. Monday to restore power. Officials traced the problem to a bad cable.

    "It's happening frequently. I don't know how often. Sometimes off for hours and you don't know until you get home. It's frustrating for everyone here," said San Clemente resident Cheryl Powitzky.

    San Diego Gas and Electric officials said it is constantly replacing infrastructure, sometimes planned, sometimes not.

    The power company is still trying to determine exactly why a repair in Arizona caused millions of homes and businesses to go dark last Thursday.

    Edison officials said it was the first time both generators at the San Onofre power plant have gone off line.  As of Monday morning, both are now up and running again.