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Search on for Beagle Rescued from Lab in Spain

Pet detectives and search dogs are enlisted to help find beagle born in lab in Spain



    $2,500 Reward Offered in Search For Missing Beagle

    A beagle named Gadget went missing and its owners have enlisted the help of pet detectives raised $2,500 to find him. Michelle Valles reports for the NBC4 News at 6 p.m. on June 3, 2012. (Published Sunday, June 3, 2012)

    Go Go Gadget legs...

    Gadget, which has had a tough beginning having spent the first part of its life as a lab experiment in Spain, went missing from the San Fernando Valley and its owners have hired three pet detectives to find the 45-pound shy and timid pooch with floppy, velvety ears.

    The dog sitter chased him for blocks through Valley Village, but Gadget just kept running.

    It's been a heart wrenching, exhaustive and costly four days for the Kelleys, who've put out flyers, phone calls, posters, signs, and a Facebook page to find their beloved canine. Supporters put up a $2,500 reward.

    "We slept in our car," said Ryan Kelley. "It's hard to go home."

    The couple was out of town when Gadget ran away from their dog sitter on Thursday evening near Magnolia and Corteen in Valley Village.

    "He's a great dog," Ryan Kelley said. "He's just had a rough past."

    "Every single day, the love and the progress he's made has been so noticeable because of his history and where he's come from," said Amanda Kelley.

    Gadget comes from is a lab in Spain. The Kelleys gave him a new life when they adopted him from the Beagle Freedom Project, a rescue group that saves dogs from animal experimentation labs.

    The dog's spent nearly five years in a cage and he's only been free for six months so everything was new to him.

    The Kelleys say they've received amazing support from people who have helped. But, there are have been no sightings and the couple has done everything, including hiring the only three pet detectives in Southern California.

    Four search dogs have been enlisted in the search.

    "We'll do anything for him," Amanda Kelley said. "We'll do anything.

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