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Skateboarders Turn Downtown Los Angeles Into a Giant Skate Park



    Hundreds of Skateboarders Turn Downtown Los Angeles into a Giant Skate Park as part of international day promoting the sport. (Published Tuesday, June 21, 2011)

    There are so many places skateboarders are told no.

    Not Tuesday though. Hundreds of Skate boarders flooded the streets of Downtown Los Angeles as part of Go Skateboarding Day.

    The five-mile skate was part of an international effort celebrating the sport. Skateboarders worldwide held fundraisers and group rides to help promote awareness.

    Go Skateboarding Day began in 2004 and happens every June 21, the first day of summer.
    Event coordinators say the purpose is to bring together the skateboarding community from around the entire world.

    Tuesday’s Wild in the Streets event in LA was mostly made up of teenage male riders.

    The event has taken place in Vancouver, Madrid and New York. This year marks the first time the event has come to Los Angeles.

    Event coordinators say proceeds from the ride would benefit Boards for Bros, a nonprofit organization that refurbishes donated skateboards for needy children.

    "Everyone out here brings old skateboards to donate," said Timothy Nickloff of Emerica, one of the event's sponsors. "Emerica takes the boards in, refurbishes them and gives them back to the Boys and Girls Club of America."