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Ongoing coverage of Bryan Stow attack and the lawsuit filed by the family

Stow Suspects Led Normal Lives



    Stow Suspects Led Seemingly Normal Lives

    Bryan Stow beating suspects Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood seemed to be leading normal lives prior to their arrest. That's a fact the defense team apparently plans to stress. (Published Tuesday, July 26, 2011)

    Gilbert Quinones, the attorney for Louie Sanchez, says his client does not fit the profile of a brutal criminal.

    Sanchez has, after all, held a responsible job in the City of Fontana, where he works with a service supplier to the world's largest auto auction company. His sister, Doreen, also worked for the auction company until her job was cut earlier this year.

    If allegations that Sanchez boasted to his co-workers about the beating are accurate, none of them wanted to talk about it on Tuesday. 

    And all of this seems a world away from the March 31 beating that landed Bryan Stow in the hospital. Now, Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood, both of Rialto, are accused of mayhem, assault and battery.

    "He's a Dodgers fan, he was at the game," said Quinones. "He was with family, with his sister, his brother-in-law, and with his child. He wasn't involved in the attack from what I know."

    Sanchez attorney Gilbert Quinones spoke Monday after they were formally charged. Also arrested was Dorene Sanchez, sister of Louie and significant other of Norwood.

    Police believe she drove the men from the stadium. But it appears she is now cooperating with authorities

    An LA Times police source contends that before the Stow attack, the two suspects were confronting other Giants fans, besides Stow. Sanchez allegedly committed an assault and a battery against
    a young woman named Kathryn and a John Doe who has not yet been identified. Police hope he, and perhaps others, will come forward. That part of the investigation, at least, is still ongoing.