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Tree With Beehive Crashes Down on Studio City Street

Another large tree fell at the same street corner two years ago

Resident Describes Tree Problem at Studio City Corner

A resident talks about her concerns after another tree falls in a Studio City neighborhood. The large tree with a beehive fell Wednesday Sept. 17, 2014. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014)

Residents in a Studio City neighborhood woke up Wednesday to find a tree blocking a street after it split at the trunk and toppled overnight at the same corner where another large tree fell two years ago.

Neighbors said the tree at Landale Street and Farmdale Avenue was home to a beehive, which brought city workers to the neighborhood Tuesday. They advised residents to stay away from the tree, but did not have protective gear required to remove the hive, neighbors said.

The beehive remained attached Wednesday morning to the underside of a branch just a few feet from the ground. Several residents stopped by to take a look.

"It's just another sign that these trees are unsafe," Linda, a resident, told NBC4. "This is the fifth tree that's come down in the past four or five years. Just looking at this beehive is making me weak in the knees."

"We're so lucky it has fallen into the street and not on someone's car, someone's home or on someone."

There were no reports of damage to vehicles or houses. The tree, estimated at 70 feet tall, fell across Farmdale Avenue about a block north of Moorpark Street.  Workers had just completed branch trimming on several towering trees along Landale Street earlier this month.

Crews are expected to return to the site Wednesday to remove the tree, located across the street from where a larger tree toppled in late August 2012. That tree tore up a portion of sidewalk and blocked Farmdale Avenue over Labor Day weekend.

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