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Sweet Fundraiser: Eat My Blog Bake Sale

Local food writers'll whip up pastries to support the Philippine Red Cross.



    1st Look Presents Park City Getaway
    All sorts of sweets whipped up by LA's local food writers'll be up for purchase at the Eat My Blog bake sale in Pasadena. The Saturday, Nov. 23 fundraiser will raise money for the Philippine Red Cross.

    Everyone has their favorite part of a bake sale -- typically the eating part, we're guessing -- but let's give it up for the pre-purchase chitchat between potential customer and proud baker.

    Few things are sweeter than two strangers talking sugary shop and oven temperature, and even sweeter than that? When strangers come together to help out via their talents and good hearts.

    Eat My Blog, an annual bake sale which has raised funds for the LA Regional Food Bank, is a gathering together of local food writers and food makers. Those foodians bake their best stuff -- cake pops, s'mores, pudding-filled cupcakes, rosemary-lemon-almond-basil cookies -- and then sell 'em to help out.

    This year's sale heads for Coolhaus in Pasadena on Saturday, Nov. 23, and the beneficiary? The Philippine Red Cross and people impacted by Typhoon Haiyan.

    Bloggers and sites set to show or represent? Donut Snob, Bake Lab, Le Bon Garcon, and Let Me Eat Cake. Goodies sold in past years have included Black Forest Brownies, green tea Oreos, gingerbread bundt cakes, and dulce de lechie Rice Krispie treats.

    Expect some truly dessert-forward selections; after all, we're dealing with some of the cutting-edge-iest of food lovers around town, and people who know their way around a rolling pin (not to mention keyboard).

    It's a day out filled with bakerly chitchat, which is dang adorable, yes. But Eat My Blog has become one of the region's most notable themed food fundraisers.

    Stop by, pick up a plate of brownies, and help however you can.

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