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TV Host Reveals She Has Breast Cancer

Host of HGTV's House Hunters Battles her Cancer with Humor



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    TV Host and standup comedienne Suzanne Whang

    Cancer is no laughing matter – but for TV Host and standup comedienne Suzanne Whang… her humor is her way of dealing with her battle with breast cancer. 

     “There have been a lot of people in the last five year who haven’t known what I’ve been going through and they say, you look beautiful and I think is it the cancer. It’s the radiation, I’m glowing,” Whang said.

    Many know her as the longtime host of HGTV’s House Hunters, or have seen her on the TV Shows Las Vegas, and General Hospital.  Others have seen her do standup comedy, as Sung Hee Park, a character who just came from Korea.

    On TV and stage, she seems fearless… but her fans had no idea… that she has been fighting for her life.    

    “I’ve been through 2 surgeries, and 6 weeks of radiation since the middle of February, and it has been emotionally spiritually, physically debilitating.

    She has had two reoccurrences of her breast cancer, which has spread to her bones.

    And yet she is dealing with it through humor, and the belief that laughter is the best medicine.

    “I was recovering from surgery and I was in the hospital I was watching the television and there was all this stuff from Japan, tsunami, and radiation is on the way and I thought oh good I can stop going to my radiation treatments I’ll just open the window – and just wave the air,” she said. 

    Jokes aside, Whang she admits that she has her tough moments, when she allows herself to just be sad and frustrated.

    “I could not imagine going through this alone so I would hope that anyone going through this would open up about it, and reach out for help, and ask for help,” she said, “It has been really humbling to go through all this, but I think I’m a better person for it.”

    Recently, Suzanne’s friends held a fundraiser for her at a local café to help pay for the medical bills that have stacked up.

    “Just so you know, I have no intention of dying from this, I plan to outlive every oncologist who told me I would be dead soon,” She said.

    For more information on Suzanne and how you can help her in her fight against cancer, go to her website.