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Take a Candle-Shimmery Walk in the Redwoods

The yearly just-after-Thanksgiving treat, a Prairie Creek favorite, will soon turn 30.



    Take a Candle-Shimmery Walk in the Redwoods
    Redwoods Parks Conservancy
    Follow this amazing path into a verdant world, and find a peaceful expression of the season, on Friday, Nov. 30 and Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018.

    SUNSHINE AND REDWOODS? There's no need to break out the calculator or pad of paper and pencil, for these tall trees have seen a notable amount of beam-tastic, branch-warming daylight in their long, long lifetimes. The sun is essential part of these giants' growing-taller journeys, of course, and bask, they certainly do, in our nearest star's glowful ways. But, if you call upon a certain corner of the redwoods world on a certain night of the year — make that *two* certain nights — you'll find another sort of illumination among the behemoth superstars. It's candles, we speak of, and while the small flickers don't quite have the power of the sun to make a large section of redwoods bright, a path lit by candlelight can give human visitors a more peaceful way to experience the trees. It's the annual...

    CANDLELIGHT WALK... at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, and it returns for its 29th shimmer-tacular on Friday, Nov. 30 and Saturday, Dec. 1. First things first: These nights do sell out, so jump on your ticket faster than a sunbeam illuminates a tree just after dawn. It's a popular event, no doubt, and that it is overseen by the Redwood Parks Conservancy means that you'll be helping out an organization that helps these magnificent woodsy sky-reaching icons. The stroll? It's not too lengthy, meaning the whole round trip is done in under a half-mile. Your pups'll want to stay home and you'll want to indulge in tum-warming cider, a story told at the campfire center, and the chance to enter a silent auction.

    LOVE REDWOODS? Here's a different way to connect with them, just before the hubbub of the holidays. Find forest quiet-tude and evening-tree-tastic majesty now. A ticket is $10.