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LA Gas Prices Have Their Highs and Lows

Gas prices are all over the board in Los Angeles



    With Gas Prices Rising, Drivers Seek Alternatives

    Drivers are resorting to cheaper gas at off-brand stations and considering mass transit as an alternative with prices as high as five dollars per gallon in Downtown LA. (Published Friday, Feb. 24, 2012)

    If you drive around Los Angeles, you’ll find gas prices all over the map. From the high $3 range to - yes, it’s true - more than $5 in some spots.

    Gas Buddy: Find Low Gas Prices by ZIP Code| Check Your Tires and Ways to Save Fuel

    And no one is happy about it.

    "Very upset," Israel Valenzuela said after buying gas for more than $5 a gallon at a Mobil station in Hacienda Heights. "I’m so angry at the government."

    Retailers Seek to Profit from Pain at the Pump

    [LA] Retailers Seek to Profit from Pain at the Pump
    Some retailers are trying to turn pain at the pump into pleasure at their registers. As frustration mounts over gas prices, so does the need to hit the malls and stores. People are spending and retailers know they must do all they can to get customers in the door. Lolita Lopez reports from Burbank.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012)

    So why did he pay so much?

    "Because I was on empty," he said. "It was just on fumes, so I had to stop here."

    The worst part about it was that Valenzuela could have paid a dollar less per gallon across the street, but he didn’t notice in time.

    Bogus Bills Buying Pricey Petrol

    [LA] Bogus Bills Buying Pricey Petrol
    Fake money is turning up at gas stations in Southern California.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012)

    From $5 to fewer than $4 a gallon, not all of fuel in L.A. County is equal.

    "I think it’s wrong," said Jim Pierson. "You can go across this county and find gas prices all across the board."

    A manager at one Shell station said the dramatic price differences can be explained in one word: competition.

    Pierson isn’t happy about that.

    "Some people are trying to get richer than others and our government isn’t doing enough to help solve this situation," he said.

    After paying his $5 a gallon, Valenzuela believes he has a solution.

    "Boycott all the gas stations," he said. "All of them."

    As of Thursday, according to, the cheapest gas in Los Angeles is $3.88 for a gallon of regular unleaded at the Valero station on East Manchester Avenue and San Pedro Street.

    The most expensive gas can be found at that Mobil station on Hacienda Boulevard and Gale Avenue in Hacienda Heights. A gallon of regular there will cost you $5.21.

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