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Mommy Docs Take on Pregnancy Myths

Three doctors who are also moms write the ultimate guide to pregnancy



    Mommy Docs Take on Pregnancy Myths
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    Doctors Yvonne Bohn, Allison Hill, and Alane Park call themselves the Mommy Docs. 

    “Between the three of us, we deliver about 40 to 50 babies a month,” Dr. Hill said.
    They worked side-by-side as residents at County USC nearly 20 years ago. And, together, these three OB-GYNs have their own practice at Good Samaritan Hospital.
    Between the three of them, they’ve seen all there is to see in childbirth, and they are all moms.
    “Having experienced the aches and pains and having experienced labor, you can tell patients, I’ve had an epidural, I had to have a C section the second time. I’ve had a caesarian, you’ll get through it, it’s okay,” Dr. Bohn said.
    They took all their experiences and wrote a book for expectant mothers, called the Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy and Birth. It’s a comprehensive look at the entire process from conception through the birth, and beyond.
    “We would literally write down every question that a patient would ask us. Make notes about it. Finally we decided to put it together and make it into a book,” Dr. Hill said.
    “When you’re pregnant you’re afraid of a lot of things, you’re concerned about a lot of things. And we wanted there to be a voice of calm, But a voice also of information. I feel like I’m getting all the facts, but I’m not afraid,” Dr. Park said.
    The book also dispels common myths about pregnancy and birth.

    Dr. Bruce Hensel will have a full report on NBC4 LA News at 5pm.