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The Next Storm…is almost Here

Weekend storm expected to dump rain and snow



    The Next Storm…is almost Here
    Heavy rain was already falling in Roseville in Northern California. Rain was also falling in the L.A. Basin.

    A large Pacific storm was bearing down on Southern California Friday night.

    NBCLA Forecaster Fritz Coleman said to expect the leading edge of the storm to enter our air space during overnight hours.

    Showers before midnight were only part of advance and scattered rain and not part of the main system moving toward the L.A. Basin that was already in Northern California.

    Rain was falling in the Southland late Friday night and was expected to continue all through the weekend.

    The rain began falling in the L.A. area sometime around 9p.m.

    The storm could threaten homes in the Station fire area where up to 3 inches of rain may come down this weekend.

    However, there are no precautionary evacuations in place for the area.

    The snow is expected to hit our nearby mountains and reach local ski resorts.

    Snow was already falling in Northern California in the Sierras where some ski enthusiasts couldn’t wait to hit the slopes.

    In addition to the rain and snow,  thunder is also expected.