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Coverage of the trial involving two ex-police officers charged in the death of a homeless man

Timeline: The Kelly Thomas Case

A look at events following the death of Kelly Thomas after an altercation with Fullerton police



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    Kelly Thomas

    Kelly Thomas, 37, was hospitalized July 5 after an altercation with six Fullerton police officers at a bus depot. He died five days later after he was removed from life support.

    The FBI and Orange County District Attorney are investigating the case.

    A timeline of events in the case is listed below. Click on the articles and videos details.

    July 5:
    Kelly Thomas, 37, is hospitalized after an altercation with six Fullerton police officers at a bus depot. Police were called to the location to investigate a report of a vehicle break-in.

    July 10: After five days on life support, Kelly Thomas is pronounced dead.

    July 23: Cellphone video of the altercation is posted online. It is difficult to see the events on video, but Thomas can be heard crying out for help.

    July 28: The Orange County District Attorney's office calls on witnesses to provide information in the case. Article

    July 30: Hundreds of protesters gather at the Fullerton Police Department. Article

    Aug. 1: Video from a bus camera shows passengers describing the altercation as they board. Article/Video

    Aug. 2:Ron Thomas speaks at a Fullerton City Council meeting, imploring officials to listen to the audio recorded during the altercation. Article/Video

    Aug. 2: The six officers involved in the case are placed on paid administrative leave.

    Aug. 3: A Fullerton councilmember asks for the police chief's resignation. Article

    Aug. 5: The American Civil Liberties Union issues a statement expressing doubt in the Orange County DA's ability to properly handle of the case. The DA's office responds by saying "The  ACLU is incapable of not grandstanding.'' Article

    Aug. 5: Another city council member calls for the police chief's resignation. Video

    Aug. 6: Hundreds joined Ron Thomas at a rally at the Fullerton Police Department. Article/Video

    Aug. 9: The office of Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas told NBC4 there is no evidence to show the officers intended to kill Kelly Thomas, but they are still trying to determine if officers used excessive force in his death. Article

    Aug. 10: In a news release from the city, officials announce that Police Chief Sellers will take a medical leave. Capt. Kevin Hamilton is appointed interim chief. Article/Video

    Aug. 11: The parents of Kelly Thomas file a claim against the city, a precursor to a lawsuit. Article

    Aug. 12: City council members meet to discuss an independent review of the case. The city attorney is directed to draft a contract for services. Article

    Aug 12: An LA Times report reveals that Fullerton officers were allowed to view video of the altercation before writing their reports. Article

    Aug. 12: Fullerton residents file papers to start the recall process against three city officials. Article

    Aug. 12: Kelly Thomas' father conducts a news conference at which he discusses his meeting with the District Attorney. Article

    Aug. 16: Ron Thomas and Fullerton residents speak at a meeting at which the council approved a contract with an independent investigator. Article

    Aug. 17: Ron Thomas and Fullerton's mayor, Richard Jones, meet to discuss the case. Jones issues a statement later in the day to say he is not resigning. Article

    Sept. 21: The district attorney announces charges against two officers in connection with the beating death. Article

    Sept. 29: Manuel Ramos, charged with second-degree murder in Thomas' beating death, post bail and is released from jail. Article

    Sept. 29: Officers charged in Kelly Thomas Case placed on unpaid administrative leave. Article

    Oct. 5: Medical leave extended for Fullerton Police Chief Michael Sellers. Article

    Oct. 20: Fullerton Homeless Task Force is created as a result of the Kelly Thomas case. Article

    Nov. 4: Both officers accused in the case plead not guilty at a hearing attended by Ron Thomas. Article

    Nov. 20: LA Times reports Fullerton officer Jay Cicinelli continues to receive his nearly $40,000 annual disability pension. Article

    Dec. 16: Pre-trial hearing for two officers charged in the Kelly Thomas case. Article

    Dec. 21: Dan Hughes is named as the new chief of Fullerton Police Department. Article

    Dec. 21: Ron Thomas disapproved of the appointment of new police chief. Article

    Feb. 3: Former Chief Michael Sellers announces his retirement, effective Feb. 18. He was awared with $150,000 stemming from a workers' compensation claim. Article

    May 7, 2012: A preliminary hearing begins in the cases against Cicinelli and Ramos. Article

    May 9, 2012: A judge orders both officers to stand trial on all charges. Article

    June 5, 2012: Three City Council members recalled in election prompted in large part by the Thomas case. Article

    July 10, 2012: A police official confirms that Ramos no longer works for the city. Article

    July 13, 2012: Ramos and Cicinelli plead not guilty to all charges against them. Article

    July 17, 2012: The Fullerton Police Department announces Joe Wolfe is no longer employed by the city.  Article

    July 20, 2012: Jay Cicinelli becomes the third police officer to end employment with the city of Fullerton. Article

    July 26, 2012: The city of Fullerton releases audio of the call to a police dispatcher that started the chain of events. Article

    Aug. 2, 2012: Anaheim’s officer-involved shootings leave city officials to hold an emergency meeting. The city also aimed to ask the Office of Independent Review to review and evaluate the city's policies regarding the use of force by police – the same Fullerton officials hired to do an internal investigation following Thomas’ death. Article

    Aug. 7, 2012: The Fullerton City Council explores possibilities of outsourcing the city's police department to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Some say it has more to do with recent scandals – primarily Thomas’ case -- that have surrounded the force. Article

    Dec. 3, 2013: Trial begins in the criminal case of Ramos and Cicinelli. Article

    Jan. 9, 2014: With attorneys' closing arguments finished, the case is handed to a jury. Article

    Jan. 13, 2014: A jury finds Ramos and Cicinelli not guilty on all charges. Article

    Jan. 13, 2014: The Orange County DA announces the case will be dropped against a third former Fullerton police officer, Joseph Wolfe, accused in the death of Kelly Thomas. Article