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Ventura County Fair: Pre-Sale on Now

The "Rooted in Tradition" event opens on Wednesday, Aug. 2.



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    The Ventura County Fair sparkles from Aug. 2 through 13, 2017.

    WHEN SUMMER KICKS IN, officially, on the clocks and on the calendars and on the weather reports and there's no disputing it, no way, no how, a person can be forgiven for dreaming cotton candy dreams. That same person may also ponder how much time has passed — far too much — since they last pet a goat. And have they admired a Bundt cake, or a quilt, or a rocking chair, all superbly baked, quilted, and crafted, in the last year? It's a sad state when one realizes how devoid their existence has been of anything resembling a county fair. But summer's arrival means that deep devoid-a-tude is done, thank goodness, and you only need look around to see the evidence: San Diego's county fair got its traditional June start, Orange County is up in July, and very soon after that? The closest-to-the-ocean fair around constructs the midway and sets up the fried treat stands and pig-admiring areas. It's the...

    VENTURA COUNTY FAIR... we're speaking of so on-the-nose-ly here — that whole "ocean" bit was the tip-off, we know — and it is ready to bulb-blink, sheep-baa, concert-jam again from Wednesday, Aug. 2 through Sunday, Aug. 13. But you don't have to wait for your chosen pig-communing, ice cream-devouring day to buy your ticket; the pre-sale is on now, meaning that you can "Save Money on Admission and Carnival Ride tickets!" Adult entry, during the pre-sale, is eleven bucks, and a senior admission is $8 (that's what a child's admission is, too). "Rooted in Tradition" is the theme for the 142nd Ventura County Fair, which will include rodeo, a plethora of classic eats (funnel cake, anyone? Everyone?), and the animal-sweet sights visitors love.