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Consumer Reports Ranks Best, Worst Airlines

Virgin America receives top honors, while Spirit Airlines ranks among the worst airlines.



    Consumer Reports Ranks Best, Worst Airlines
    Virgin America
    Virgin America received the top ranking in Consumer Reports' latest survey on Thursday, May 23, 2013.

    Virgin America was named the best airline in a Consumer Reports survey, with participants praising the airline's comfortable seats and in-flight entertainment.

    Second and third honors went to Southwest Airlines and JetBlue, while Spirit Airlines was ranked the worst.

    Virgin America ranked high in all areas, and was the best airline for baggage handling. Southwest and JetBlue also received high scores in several areas and imposed relatively few extra fees.

    Spirit Airlines received "one of the lowest overall scores for any company we've ever rated," according to Consumer Reports.

    The budget airline offers lower fares than other airlines, but also charges up to $19 to book a flight and up to $100 per carry-on bag, according to Consumer Reports.

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