A Chinatown Thanksgiving

A number of restaurants have Peking Duck and BBQ turkey to go.

Any chef worth her or his toque can tell you there are myriad ways to prepare and roast a holiday fowl. Some go straight-up baste-and-bake route, some prefer to fricassee everything in sight, and the occasional adventurer heads for the deep-fryer, bird in tow.

The restaurants of Chinatown serve up a few ultra-flavorful spins on the holiday turkey, and the holiday duck, too. And while you and yours could pop down to Broadway and enjoy them there -- and you absolutely should, highly recommended, yes indeed -- you can also order a tea-smoked duck or BBQ turkey to go.

Another savory choice? The Chinese-roasted turkey, which is "carefully steeped in a soy sauce marinade spiked with star anise, two different kinds of vinegar, and simple syrup." It is "(p)repared similarly to Peking roasted duck," complete with that quintessential crispiness.

Star anise? Soy sauce marinade? Yes, please, to both things, and everything else.

While some restaurant need a 24-hour notice, you'll want to ring as soon as you decide. Fortune Gourmet Kitchen, CBS Seafood Restaurant, Hop Woo, Mandarin Chateau, and several others all have to-go options. It isn't all about the main bird, either; ask about rice pancakes or sticky rice stuffing or other sides that will complement a luscious, marinade-sweet duck or turkey.

Please wait a minute while we fully consider the idea of sticky rice stuffing. Wow. Yes. Please. In fact, can we just eat that for our main meal? With a side of spring onions? And then follow it up with dessert, which will probably be more sticky rice stuffing?

For the full list of merchants and all of the flavorful choices available around the historic downtown district, check out Chinatown Los Angeles.

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