A Famous “Godfather” Prop Goes Up for Auction

The rehearsal prop horse head is on the bidding block.

It doesn't matter how many films you will watch in your lifetime, or what will be depicted in those films, or how intensely you'll react to what you see in those films. You will always, always remember the horse head scene from "The Godfather."

Visceral, scary, shocking, and very, very memorable, indeed, and those reactions never dull, regardless of how many times you've viewed 1972's Academy Award for Best Picture winner.

Now prepare yourself to feel them again, with a twist: The horse head is going up for auction via Premiere Props. Make that the rehearsal prop horse head; a real one, famously procured from a dog food factory per IMDB, was used in the Francis Ford Coppola-helmed movie.

If owning one of filmdom's most iconic props is not necessarily your bag, other Hollywood costumes, artifacts, and doodads will be up for bidding over the Saturday, Nov. 23 and Sunday, Nov. 24 weekend. Miniature bike wheels from "E.T.: The Extraterrestrial" and a crate from "Citizen Kane" are on the block, as well as a woman's tunic from 1968's "Planet of the Apes."

That movie really rocked the tunics, right? Fashion designers, we need those back, pronto.

And for the "Star Wars" fans, some light sabre effect filters from "the personal collection of special effects wizard Kim Knowlton." If ever gets those filters better drop that info to every guest who enters his or her house. This isn't a recommendation, either, but a strongly worded suggestion. How can you own "Star Wars" stuff and not crow about it?

Want to get a peek now, horse head prop and all? The El Segundo-based auction house's online catalog is live.

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