A Golden Job Opportunity at the Golden Arches

Tuesday was National Hiring Day for McDonalds. Nationwide the Fast Food Chain was Looking to Hire 50,000 in One Day, with 3,000 Jobs in Southern California

It used to be that working at McDonalds was labeled with the definition "McJob," meaning a dead-end job, but McDonald's is turning that around.

"It's sad that people have that perception of McDonald's, because my managers have been with me an average of 12 years, and what they don't understand is, they run million dollar businesses," said Pat Williams, owner of a McDonald's restaurant.

"It's actually really good, and I actually see myself moving forward, and maybe becoming a manager. So it's not only about flipping burgers. You can actually make a career out of it," said Fabiola Perez, who wants to work at McDonald's.

On Tuesday, McDonald's was hiring 50,000 people nationwide, with 3,000 jobs locally.

"I've been applying for a lot of jobs, just since this summer. The last time I was employed was in June," said to John Douroux, an applicant.

McDonald's has jobs.

Many stores are going 24-hours, and the gamble to take on Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts with premium coffee that started three years ago, apparently is paying off.

A survey in the Wall Street Journal last week shows regular coffee drinkers are nearly twice as loyal to McDonald's than Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts now.

So you want a McJob, go for it.

"By me having experience at McDonalds, I'm hoping I get my foot back in the door," states Antionetta Phillips, who wants to work at McDonalds.

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