Activists Say Pendleton Death Was Hate Crime

Sailor August Provost found dead on Marine Corps base Tuesday

Navy sailors work hand-in-hand with Marines at military bases, and on Tuesday morning, one of those sailors was found dead at Camp Pendleton.
Two local gay activists said the death could be an anti-gay hate crime and that they want answers, now.

Spokesmen for the Navy and Marine Corps confirmed that a sailor's body was found on the base at about 3 a.m. Tuesday morning. The victim is Seaman August Provost, 29, a native of Houston, according to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. A spokesman confirmed that there was evidence of foul play in the killing and that the case is a murder investigation.
The NCIS spokesman also said that a "person of interest" is now in custody at Camp Pendleton but has not been charged with a crime.

City Human Rights Commissioner Nicole Murray urged an audience at a gay-rights rally (at Liberty Station held Wednesday to celebrate Pride Month in San Diego) to demand answers now to a mysterious homicide at Camp Pendleton. Murray and another gay activist said they have credible information that the killing was a hate crime and that the victim was targeted because he was gay, or perceived to be gay.
The activists said their sources told them that the sailor worked as a guard for Assault Craft Unit 5 at Camp Pendleton. That unit operates the military hovercrafts stationed at Pendleton. The sources also said the victim was shot and burned.

The NCIS will not comment on a possible hate-crime motive for this killing.

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