Adult Films Pause After Actor's HIV Infection

Officials said they don't believe the actor was infected while on set

A pornography actor's confirmed HIV infection prompted adult-industry leaders this week to call for an indefinite moratorium in filming.

The actor's name was not released.

"There is no indication of on-set transmission," said Diane Duke, CEO of adult-film association Free Speech Coalition.

Duke said the adult industry's self-set standards for sexually transmitted infection testing is stringent.

However, Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said the reported infection underscores the need for compliance with the county ordinance requiring condom use in adult films.

"How many adult film performers have to become infected with an array of preventable sexually transmitted diseases — including HIV, which is not curable — before the porn industry actually complies with the law requiring condom use?" Weinstein said.

The Canoga Park-based Free Speech Coalition has previously called for temporary moratoriums after actors or actresses were found to have sexually transmitted infections.


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