“Air Chihuahua” Flies Surplus of Dogs Out of LAX

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles was set to jet 20 Chihuahuas and other small breed dogs to new homes in Houston, Texas.

Too many Chihuahuas and small breed dogs have inundated Southern California, so the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles will fly them to a new life in another state on Tuesday.

Twenty Chihuahuas and small breed pooches will make the trip out of Los Angeles International Airport Tuesday morning to Houston, Texas.

Tuesday marked the 500th flight since the start of the program that aims to end puppy mills.

The toy breed is in demand in other areas of North America, which inspired spcaLA to send the extra pups to places where prospective owners are vying for them.

The program, aptly named “Air Chihuahua,” paired with United Airlines to transfer the dogs, and is a 100 percent donor-supported program.

The program started in 2009, and has flown dogs all over the world via commercial and private planes.

It often takes months for Chihuahuas to get adopted in Los Angeles, whereas they are scooped up within days once transported to animal welfare organizations in other states.

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