Alhambra Woman Finds Burglar Crawling Around Her Bedroom

An Alhambra woman woke up Sunday morning to find a burglar crawling across the floor of her bedroom.

Susie Tanasi woke up early Sunday morning to a nightmare inside her Alhambra home. Tanasi said she spotted someone crawling on their hands and knees around her bedroom floor.

I thought, “why is this kid crawling on the floor?” she said. “Then it donned on me that it was a stranger."

The burglar had wiggled his way through an unlocked kitchen window.

Tanasi wasn’t sure how long he was there, but it was long enough to steal some jewelry, an iPhone and an iPad.

"He was able to sort out what was valuable and not; because he took my wedding ring and a pair of diamond stud earrings," Tanasi said, adding that she planned to pass the ring down to her 11-year-old daughter.

Tanasi didn’t have her contacts on, so she didn’t get a good look of the burglar, although she did describe him as young, lanky and tall.

The criminal ran out the door with the stolen items. Tanasi said she is grateful he daughter and herself weren’t harmed.

"Nowadays you have to be hyper vigilant,” Tanasi said. “You have to lock those doors, put your alarm system on and get dogs."

Tanasi said it's possible the burglar was working with someone else, because she saw a second person running from the home when the burglar fled.

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