All Dressed Up With No Place to Cross

The rules apply to all pedestrians... leprechauns and Santa's elves included

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Last month, a decoy in a leprechaun suit stopped traffic in Moreno Valley. Actually, that was the problem -- traffic didn't stop.

About 50 motorists received citations for crosswalk violations.

They were at it again in Moreno Valley during the holidays. Twenty-two motorists received citations for failing to yield to one of Santa's elves in a crosswalk during the December sting.

So what chance does the average, non-costumed pedestrian have of finding safe haven in a crosswalk?

In Riverside Wednesday, the decoys were dressed as plainclothes officers and more than 20 motorists were ticketed in the operation at 6th and Market streets and 11th and Market. Two hours, 22 citations.

Riverside police Lt.  Chris Manning said motorcycle officers stopped drivers who drove through the crossings as  pedestrians crossed the street. The California DMV Handbook states: "Pedestrians have the right-of-way in crosswalks."

One vehicle was impounded after  officers discovered that the driver was not licensed.

Last April, KCRA mic'd up an plainclothes officer who pointed out violators as they passed. Cue the cycle cop.

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