Altamed Answers Your Back to School Questions

It's time to pack away the summer gear and to hit the books. Altamed was in the California Live studio to answer questions as the school year kicks off. 

Are immunizations necessary? 

"They are absolutely necessary," said Jessica Solares, Director of Health Education and Wellness at Altamed. "Immunizations protect our children against measles, mumps and polio."

Also certain immunizations are required for your child to go to school so make sure you are up to date on the shots your child will need. 

Altamed advises parents to document all vaccinations and to make sure your child is checked out before they go back to school. 

How do we get back in the rhythm of school schedules?

Altamed recommends to plan and prep in advance as much as possible. Whether that is getting school supplies in advance or laying out clothes the night before, any little thing makes a difference. 

"Anything you can do the day before to get ready for school," said Solares. "For example have your kids lay out your outfit or have their school materials ready to go." 

Any tips on how to deal with transportation challenges? 

Lean into your school for support. Ask questions about what programs they have at school that could potentially assist you.

"Most schools offer before and after school daycare programs or academic enrichment programs," said Solares. "This allows you to drop offer your kid earlier or pick them up later."  

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