America's Talent Goes Live

The first live shows of the season aired Tuesday night on America's Got Talent, including an act from Southern California

It was the first live show of the new season, but the danger level has already been ramped up.

"It's crazy, it's crazy, 'cause is being a headliner act in Vegas and having a million dollars worth your life? Apparently the answer is yes," according to Howie Mandel, Judge.

Mandel is referring to the woman who did flips above a bed of nails on fire.

"I was just hoping I didn't hear screeches and horrifying screams," says Nick Cannon, Host.

Sharon Osbourne was asked if she had any favorites.

"Oh my goodness, yes, but we're not allowed to say. I'll get smacked if I say anything," according to Sharon Osbourne, Judge. "We had a note sent to us all, an official NBC note,"

But that didn't stop Piers Morgan from saying who he did not like, he funny little people.

"They typify Howie Mandel's choice of acts. It's so annoying to me that they'll probably get through tomorrow night," says Piers Morgan, Judge.

The only contestant from Southern California Tuesday night was J. Chris Newberg, who moved to Studio City from Michigan six years ago.

"I came here for the dream and here I am. Everyone comes here for the dream, and then you get here, and your like 'oh, this traffic is the worst,'" according to J. Chris Newberg, contestant

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